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This is rest of my tribute to Tucson, Arizona.

"Old Tucson", located well out of Tucson proper, is a popular attraction with two groups. One is tourists and locals, who head out there to see the numerous western shoot-out shows, ride the train, and pretend they are in the Old West. The other group is hollywood. Numerous western movies have been filmed in this authentic reproduction of an old western town.

Easily my favorite stop was at this little known spot called the "Garden of Gethsemane", just off I10 and Congress. Here the work of a pios local artist, whose work has stood since the 1940s, is preserved and displayed for the public. In these scenes, you'll notice the Last Supper (above), the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (left), the virgin birth (right), and the burial (below). The burial display has numerous candles which are kept lit by the locals.

My FAVORITE stop in Tucson, however, is the "Tanque Verde Swap Meet". It is the largest meeting place for cheap junk ever seen by man. The inexpensive land costs allow the owners to offer opportunities for sellers of every class to show their wares. Everything from high price jewelry stores in specially-made shops down to small local familys selling their closet junk on broad sheets can be seen here. Beer is plentiful, and so are smiles. Wonderful collections of art, tools, weapons, and everything else imaginable can be found here.

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