geoBrowser v1.6

Updated in 2009 for Wheels 4.4

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geoBrowser was born because I still have not found a program to easily view standard CBM text (much less Ascii text in CBM format) from GEOS. There are plenty of converters, but no browsers.

I wanted geoBrowser to be something special though, so almost immediately I tackled the problem of resizable, movable windows. The kind of things PC users take for granted, but we Commodore folks had only seen in geoCanvas or TopDesk. The results pleased me. The windows easily move over each other, and can be resized and dragged around with the click of your mouse.

With such differences between ASCII and PETSKII, I saw no reason to require the user to tell the program what type of file he or she wants to open. That's why autodetecting the file type would be a central feature of the program. ASCII, PETSKII, LoadStar packed text files, and numerous GEOS type files should also be instantly recognized when opened.

geoBrowser supports geoWrite v2.0 and 2.1 document files. Fonts, text styles, page breaks, clip art, tab stops, and other standard features are also supported. geoBrowser also supports Notes type files, Text Albums, and even Photo Albums!

And it does all this in every version of GEOS I've tested it on. That includes GEOS 64 and 128 (in both 40 and 80 columns), gateWay, and Wheels 64/128.

The newest geoBrowser feature is geoPaint support. Now you can view geoPaint images in fullcolor. Only Wheels 128 users can see color images on 80 column screens however. Thanks toMaurice Randall for great color support in his Wheels kernal. Without it, I wouldn't havebothered with 80 column color images at all.

Revision Notes:

10/28/97: Plans changed. With shrinking memory availability, and an unwillingness to go VLIR with this application, and also the fact that the application is over-running my self-set time constraints, I've decided to drop HTML support from this application. It's likely that any future html browser from myself will be BASED off geoBrowser, but will not be a part of this particular application (that is, HTML support will not be in any future version of the "geoBrowser" application, but perhaps in a twin app). To make up for this, I'm implementing browse support for Text Albums, Photo Albums, and limited support for geoPaint files.

05/04/00: HTML plans scrapped. The Wave will be a full fledged Web Browser. Why shouldI reinvent the wheel?

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