geoBeaver v1.0

Released as shareware in 1999
Updated in 2009 for Wheels 4.4

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geoBeaver is a WYSIWYG application built to aid GEOS assembly programmers in the creation of screens, dialog boxes, and menus. Tools are available for drawing lines, boxes, bitmaps, clickboxes, and text all in different applicable styles. All of the objects on the screen can be resized and moved around with a simple point-and-click. geoBeaver will then export your work into geoWrite assembly code for inclusion in your geoProgramming projects. The application name is an acronym for Bo's Excellent Assembler Visual Editing Rig/Resource

geoBeaver v1.0 includes several editors for you to build your project user interface in:

Screen Editor

The screen editor includes a toolbar with 8 tools and 2 buttons for building screens: a Line tool, an Outline Box tool with outline patterning support, a Filled Box tool with fill pattern support, a static Text tool with text style support, a user-defined Clickbox tool, a Bitmap tool, a Selection tool so that all of the above can be easily moved and resized, a Details tool, an UNDO button, and a Full Screen button to reach every corner of the screen. When you are done, geoBeaver will export it all into a geoWrite v2.0 document so that you can easily integrate your work into your assembly project.

The pattern selector decorates your Filled Boxed

Menu Editor

The menu editor is a point-and-click dream. Size each element in your menu with a simple Add button, enter your text, and you're done! Multi-level menus are easy to create; each menu cell can be easily edited by double-clicking inside it; and cells or entire menus can be easily deleted if you make a mistake. When you're done, the whole mess can be exported and compiled into your applications. A stub for the menu actions is also generated for your convenience.

geoBeaver exports code into geoWrite files

Dialog Box Editor

The real workhorse in geoBeaver is the Dialog Box Editor. A full 12 tools and 2 buttons are available: the Line tool, the Outline Box Tool (with patterning), the Filled Box tool (with fill patterns), the Bitmap tool, the Text tool (with styling), the User Clickbox tool (with return code defaults), a System Button tool, a User Input tool (with Buffer name and length settings), a Variable Text tool, a File Box tool (with application type and class settings), a selection Tool (for resizing and moving all the above around), an UNDO Button, and a Dialog Box button for setting auto-close modes, otherPressVecs, and extra-draw routines. The dialog box exports as a callable function which will setup all your registers for the settings you've made.

Dialog Box settings are easy to change

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