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Programming examples, tools and documentation


Forth programming language for the VIC-20 by Datatronic, Sweden.


Basic-Kurs-1von2.csm.gz 2002-04-12 17874
Basic-Kurs-2von2.csm.gz 2002-04-12 14819
A BASIC programming course in German, two cassette sides.

bitmapping.prg 2001-09-16 4285
A SYS-based BASIC extension for drawing bitmapped graphics. Written by
Andreas Dietmair in 1989. Press the fire button to exit the intro screen.
Requires 8 kilobytes of expansion memory.

blockgrafikhilfe.lnx.gz 2001-09-16 10445
blockgrafikhilfe.txt 2001-09-16 163
A text-mode graphics library for BASIC programs by Andreas Dietmair in
1989. The library resides in BLK5 area. Three demos and a simple game
are included.

cmon.lnx 2002-03-09 24185
C'mon v1.0, a machine language monitor by Aleksi Eeben (aleksi@cncd.fi),
http://www.cncd.fi/aeeben/. The archive includes several
precompiled versions, loadable at different addresses.
cmon.txt 2001-10-19 2755
Instructions for C'mon v1.0.

flipper.zip 2002-12-22 6351
Source code for the crunched version of Flipper 1.0 by Micro Digital.
Based on the stand-alone pucrunch decompressor by Pasi Ojala. The game
code has been slightly modified to make it crunch better.

interlace.prg 1998-05-10 3073
Shows how to use interlaced text screen on the unexpanded NTSC VIC-20.
The documentation is included in the source code distribution.
interlace.tar.gz 1998-05-10 3067
Shows how to use interlaced text screen on NTSC VIC-20s. Source code
and binaries included.

ramdisk.asm 2002-04-27 6283
A very simple ramdisk driver for PuCrunched files. Adapt this to link
multi-part programs to a single file.

vasm_v1beta.zip 2003-11-03 226151
VASM is a VIC-20 assembly language environment featuring a full-screen
editor, TASM-like error-notification and a two pass assembler. It is
key-compatible with TASM for the subset of commands it supports to
avoid brainfarts. The only requirement is that you have at least a 16k
RAM expansion. Source code included (under the GNU General Public License).
See http://hem.bredband.net/b129764/Siders/ for the Siders homepage.

vic20frontiers.txt 2004-07-31 4098
A writing by Viznut, discussing a new video mode and other video tricks.

vichires.d64.gz    (dir) 2006-06-27 5700
VIC HIRES a program by King Microware, 8k only.

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