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Here you will find some tools that might be helpful when coding machine language on the Vic. But you'd be much better off using some sort of a cross-development system. Most programs here require an 8-kilobyte memory expansion.


6502 Assembler.prg 1997-05-05 8602
A simple 6502 assembler written in BASIC.
Assam 20.prg 1997-05-05 6717
An assembler written in machine language.
Basmon.prg 1997-05-05 2477
A simple hex-dec conversion tool with some features.
Dis Assembler.prg 1997-05-05 4575
A 6502 disassembler written in BASIC.

Mach.taal Les 1.prg 1997-07-17 6336
Mach.taal Les 2.prg 1997-07-17 6287
Mach.taal Les 3.prg 1997-07-17 6279
Mach.taal Les 4.prg 1997-07-17 6464
Mach.taal Les 5.prg 1997-07-17 6098
Mach.taal Les 6.prg 1997-07-17 6551
Mach.taal Les 7.prg 1997-07-17 6421
Mach.taal Les 8.prg 1997-07-17 6499
Mach.taal Les 9.prg 1997-07-17 6259
Mach.taal Les 10.prg 1997-07-17 5662
Mach.taal Les 11.prg 1997-07-17 5947
Mach.taal Les 12.prg 1997-07-17 6209
A machine language course in Dutch.

MLtracer.prg 2009-08-18 4480
A 6502 simulator (single-stepper) written in BASIC.

MLX 2.02.prg 2009-08-18 3000
A utility for entering machine language programs (enter bytes in decimal
notation, with checksums over 6 byte groups).

Sammon ($2000).prg 1997-05-05 7684
A machine language monitor of some sort.

Source (40t).prg 1997-05-05 9868
A disassembler that writes the output into a disk file.

vicdebug98-sys40960.prg 1999-02-02 8192
vicdebug98.txt 2000-02-18 6987
A machine language monitor with some advanced features, such as a
symbol table for VIC-20 KERNAL jump table entries. Uploaded by the
author, kevinsayler@hotmail.com or ksayler1@dtgnet.com.

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