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Here you will find instructions on building an adapter for connecting a normal Atari VCS 2600 style digital joystick to the Commodore plus/4. The document was created and uploaded by Levente Hársfalvi <levente@terrasoft.hu>.


COPYING 2009-08-18 18007
The GNU General Public License, Version 2.
figure1.gif 2009-08-18 8935
Commodore 64 and plus/4 joystick ports
figure2.gif 2009-08-18 14275
Schematic diagram of the adapter
figure3.gif 2009-08-18 4875
Pinout of the 74LS244 or 74LS757.
paper.jpg 2009-08-18 8009
A wallpaper for the HTML document
plus4joy.html 2016-11-28 27502
HTML document describing the adapter
plus4joy.zip 2009-08-18 53974
A .zip archive of all these files

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